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Sales Tax and Exemptions

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Sales Tax and Exemption Policy
It is your responsibility to ensure that you/your organization is eligible for tax exemption. If you're unsure, contact a tax professional for advice before you continue.
Please only upload your tax exemption documents if we currently charge tax in the state(s) you plan to ship to. Sales tax will be charged on orders shipping to the states of London, Manchester, Northampton, Cambridge, Oxford, Norwich, Ipswich, Birmingham, Chesterfield, Daventry, Leicester, Banbury, Worcester, Hereford, Milton Keynes, Essex, Abingdon, Luton, Colchester, Stowmarket, Brandon, Ely, Huntingdon, Bedford, Rushden, Wellingborough, Nuneaton, Coventry, Bicester, Rugby, Chipping Norton, Peterborough.

Review the information below carefully. Incomplete or incorrect documents cannot be accepted, and you will be asked to complete the form correctly and in its entirety.

We need documentation on file to attach to your account before we can review it for tax exemption. A tax ID number alone will not suffice.
You are responsible for providing the correct and completed forms and knowing the rules and responsibilities of making tax-exempt purchases or purchases for resale.
The tax exemption team is unable to edit tax documents on your behalf. Any documents requiring additional information will need to be completed by the purchaser. Be sure all information in your documentation is legible. If we cannot read the information on the form, we are unable to accept it.
If your account is set up as tax-exempt for all orders shipping to a particular state(s) due to reselling, manufacturing, or another special tax circumstance, please note that all orders placed through the account that ship to that state will automatically have the tax exemption applied. There is not an option to alter which items/orders are eligible/ineligible for exemption at check out. If you plan to place orders that do not qualify for tax exemption, please do so using a non-exempt account.

Note that tax exemption is reviewed for each state individually. This means that if you have a tax exemption form for a specific state it is valid only for orders shipping to that state.
Please allow 1-3 business days for our Tax Team to respond via email to your request.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the email address on file with your account is active and the best email to reach you. Webstaurantstore will not assume responsibility for providing tax exemption on applicable orders if we do not receive a reply from you in the event that additional information or documentation is requested.

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